Thursday, 22 June 2017



18 Sketch Perspectives:

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Sketchup Model including Two Moving Elements:

Real Time Images showing draft Lumion Environments:

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Developed Bridge with Textures

Theory: There are no limits to what a space can accommodate. A reconfiguration of elements can push spacial boundaries yet maintain a sense of harmony.

The open spaces are defined by different elements and shapes that all come together to form an outdoor transitional area.

The textures are able to define the paths that intersect in order to create circulation around the central block.

There are no boundaries within the bridge, the bridge's paths are defined by their materiality.

The bridge extends amongst four different zones, the squarehouse, roundhouse and along the intersection of Anzac Pde and the main walkway. The configuration of the bridge creates a sense of rhythm and harmony along it's four extended edges.

There are no limits to define the space, the composition of intersecting walkways and overhangs create a coordinated composition of a bridge.

Developed Lumion Environment

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36 Textures







Real Time Images of Bridge

Progress with Bridge

Inspiration: Palladio, Villa Rotunda

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4 Real Time Image Captures of Draft